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Kerala Tourism – A Trip to God’s Own Country

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In today’s world, traveling and visiting different places around the world is a passion and hobby for a considerable part of the world’s population. With the advancement of the aviation technology, places that were earlier reachable by rail, road or sea with long hours of tedious travel, are now well connected by air routes. India, with its long told history of traditions, cultural and religious diversity is now popular all over the world for its tourist attractions. The state of Kerala, situated in the south-west extreme of the country is rated as one of the paradises on earth. Kerala Tourism industry has proved this to millions of tourists who have visited the God’s Own Country since past numerous years, till date.

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Kerala Tourism – Mesmerizing Destinations

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One of the most popular destinations in India is Kerela. It is a tourist place that is visited by thousands of people not only from India but from other parts of the world. It is known as “God’s Own Country” and it has got this name because god has literally been generous with this State. Anyone who visits this beautiful state carries back enchanting memories. It has an amazing diversity of nature’s bounty ranging from majestic beaches to superb backwaters, enticing hills and lush green forests. Apart from the above gifts of nature, what make this State more appealing and attractive are its beautiful people. A very warm, affectionate and sincere welcome awaits any visitor who has the privilege and good fortune to visit this wonderful place.

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